For Those Who Love Intense Flavours

The Mondiola, a classic salami of Garfagnana, has a soft texture, medium fat content and an intense red colour. With a spiced and pleasant scent, its taste is strong and consistent.  It is produced using the pig’s belly which is richer in blood to give it its typical intense red colour.  The lean parts are 80% of the mixture and come mainly from the coppa and, in smaller quantities, from the shoulders, while the fat parts come from the cheek and the belly. Salt, pepper, local spices, cloves and, sometimes, red wine is then added to the mixture. Once fully blended, the mixture is stuffed into the pig’s intestine. The meat is twisted into a U-shape and then, after inserting a bay leaf, the two ends are tied together. After this, the meat is “stewed” in air-conditioned cellars for 5-6 days.  Finally, once dried, the meat is left to season for about 30 days in suitable facilities.  During this period, the Mondiola needs to “piumare”, meaning to be covered by molds, which are fundamental to the meat’s ageing. After the seasoning, the mondiola is cleaned of the molds and covered with a light layer of a farro and chestnut flour mix.