The name Bazzone comes from the particular elongated shape of this ham that has a 12cm to 18cm space between the bone and the bottom. This feature resembles the “bazzo”, a local term meaning a very prominent chin. The traditional production of Bazzone ham (“Prosciutto Bazzone” in Italian) is typical of the mountain regions of Media Valle del Serchio and Garfagnana dating back to the end of 1800, when people used to breed semi-open herding local grey-furred pigs in order to produce cured meats, an essential protein source for the large peasant families. In order to continue this local country tradition and satisfy all consumers, Antica Norcineria has introduced the Bazzone ham di Selezione (limited edition) to the market. The Bazzone ham di Selezione is produced from selected thighs from PGI Mantuan pigs and then salted/seasoned just like the Slow Food Bazzone Ham, but is a more expensive ham intended for a more exclusive market.