A Logo Which Represents an Entire World

The brand of excellence.

The “Podere delle Pianacce” trademark was born thanks to the Bellandi family, so full of passion and tradition.  The logo is an actual world of genuine and typical products produced by man’s toil and the fruits of the soil.  A world with the thousands shades of nature, in which it resides; a free-range pig, a golden farro spike, a wild chestnut and other precious products, all sharing the same high quality that is pursued in the free-range breeding farms, in the natural farms and in the mountain woods.  These excellent products, like all niche items, are rigorously produced in limited quantities and have a unique value that true high-quality food connoisseurs will appreciate.

So Many Good Products

Culinary excellence for real connoisseurs.

Podere delle Pianacce produces several natural products.  All of its cured meats come from free-range and semi-open herding.  There is the Prosciutto Bazzone Presidio Slow Food, produced according the local ancient tradition. The pigs of this Garfagnana’s Slow Food Presidio have a grey fur and scratch about the local breeding farms, eating berries, and sleeping under the stars.  There are also genuine cured meats produced with the best parts of the pork, such as the Biroldo, another Slow Food product of this area.  From the natural plantations, we get the farro and our special flours which are milled in the farm’s eighteenth-century water mill.  The Formenton Ottofile, from which we get the typical yellow and red flour, is planted and grown in soil naturally fertilized without the use of weed killers, just like the biodynamic agriculture decrees. The cobs are naturally dried in order to preserve their organoleptic characteristics, and are then shucked by hand and the grains milled to stone. The chestnuts we use to produce the PDO sweet flour which has fed many local generations in the area, are picked in the mountains and then dried in the metati over a low heat.  We then till the mineral-rich stony fields to plant one of the most ancient cereals in the world: the PGI Farro.  Elsewhere, the farro has all but disappeared but it is still present in our territory where the land is cultivated without the use of chemicals or weed killers, then it is selected and husked at our mill.   the Podere you will also find raw milk cheeses, sauces, jams, honey, extra-virgin olive oil, organic wine and artisanal beers. All of these products come from guaranteed supply chains, monitored from their origin to the final packaging.