Produced from the Back of the Grey-furred Pig

The Groppone lard comes from heavy-weight pigs with a minimum weight of 180 kg. After the slaughter, the fat layer on the pig’s back is cut close to the Pancetta area and the biggest section of fat (called “sugnosa”) is removed, producing lard slices at least 10 cm thick. These slices are then carefully processed according to ancient traditions then put into bowls and rubbed with garlic and herbs: Starting with a slice of lard, a layer of natural marine salt, freshly ground black pepper, peeled fresh garlic, rosemary and sage is then added. The bowl is then filled with alternate layers of lard and seasoning. The lard is then rested for at least two months (the minimum seasoning time). After this period, the lard is dried in the salt and seasoning. The spices and herbs, which give it its typical scent and taste, include cinnamon, coriander, nutmeg, cloves, star anise, oregano and sage.