Beef In Brine into Basins

The Pozza Beef is produced mainly from adult beef thigh or shoulder meat, from which different meat sections are extracted (all between 2 and 4 kilos). The meat is then trimmed of excess fat and put into basins, alternating layers of meat and a mixture of salt, pepper, cinnamon, bay leaves, rosemary and other mountain herbs until it’s full.  After this, the pozza beef is stored in fridges for about 30 days at a humidity of 65-75% and a temperature of 4-7°. After a few days, the meat is covered in brine.  After about 15 days, the order of the meat layers is inverted, meaning that the meat that was at the bottom is now on top and vice versa. At this stage, the quality of the brine is also monitored and is eventually fixed according to the butcher’s knowledge, experience and traditions.  After another 15 days, the meat is taken out of the basins, rinsed with water to remove the brine, covered with pepper grains and then vacuum-sealed.