The Undergrowth Meat

This product comes from the ancient Garfagnana tradition of seasoning and preserving the products in brine. The “Linchetto al fungo porcino” (porcini mushroom linchetto) is produced during a long and careful process.  The part of the beef used is the sirloin, which is trimmed of all fat and placed into large containers. The sirloins are then manually covered with a mixture of porcini mushrooms, herbs and salt The mixture is made with high-quality dried porcini mushrooms which are blanched and then blended with typical herbs and coarse salt and then, finally finely ground. Once covered with the porcini mixture, the sirloins are left to rest for at least fifteen days.  Over these days, thanks to the salt, the meat releases a large quantity of water, producing a natural brine which allows the herbs and salt to reach the inner part, resulting in a consistent flavour.  Afterwards, the meat is left to dry for about one week after which it is then moved into medium-moist dark cellars for about 45 days.  When the linchetto is cut, it has a vivid red colour and a dark peel, and has a delicate taste with a typical porcini mushroom flavour and undergrowth scents.